Estrutura Curricular


Disciplina Carga horária
Inglês no Campus - Nível Iv 30h


  • Verb tense review (present, past and future)
  • Uses of the infinitive
  • Uses of the gerund (verb + -ing)
  • Have to, don?t have to, must, must not, can?t
  • Get collocations
  • Little, a little, few, a few
  • Bit, a little bit, very, really, etc.
  • Modal verbs review (would, should, might, must, etc. )
  • Possessive adjectives and pronouns
  • Adjectives and adverbs (quiet, quietly, sad, sadly, etc. )
  • Zero conditional
  • First conditional
  • Second conditional
  • Make and do collocations
  • Present perfect + yet, for, since, already, etc.
  • Passive voice
  • Used to, be used to
  • Biographies

Instrutor: Carlos Eduardo Montano